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Battle Plan for October 24 Below!

FJ Oct24

Oct 24 Battle Plan

Current War Schedule

These times are subject to small discrepancies based on how long it takes to find an opponent.

1.  War Declaration - Thursdays 3:00 PM (Central standard Time)

2.  War Start (After Prep Day) - Friday 3:00 PM (CST)

3. War Ends - Saturday 3:00 PM (CST) War Log

War log

Fungus Jungus is 13-1 in WAR!!

War Village

1.  Optimum war village is to have your clan castle and town hall in the middle.  The harder it is for your opponent to pull your clan troops to some corner the better.

2.  Don't stack walls, double or triple walls are highly ineffective and a waste of good walls.

3.  Keep your air defenses as close to the center as possible and in a triangular formation for the most coverage.  Most attack strategies involve giant healer or dragons and the one piece of defense they are most afraid of is your air defense.

4.  Make sure you have all your traps out.  They may not seem effective, but they can wreck a good raid if placed properly.

5. Again, your Air defense is your most important defense building, keep them near middle. Consider your gold and elixir storage as tanking buildings due to their hps. Don't put them all together, spread them out near the outskirts of the town, but within your first layer of walls to slow the enemy advance.

6. Get your camps up to their max for your Th as quick as possible; it may not seem like much, but 5 or 10 troops do make a difference.

7. Get your clan castle to at least 20 so it can hold a dragon.

8. Dragons are fun!

20 Person War

1.  Attack from bottom up.  Bottom five attack first using both of their attacks.  This enables the greatest chance that we can maximize trophies.

2.  After the bottom five have exhausted their attacks, the next 10 can attack recommended targets.  The plan is to exhaust all their attacks before the top 5 perform clean up duty.

3.  Top five utilize all their attacks in the last 6 hours of the war.  (Of course if schedule or RL issues arise where the attacks need to be sooner, it is understood.)

4.  #1 Rule - USE ALL ATTACKS!

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